University Pitch Competition Tour

A monthly pitch competition for student founders powered by


It's Time to Empower Student Founders

The University Pitch Competition Tour by is an ongoing event aimed at showcasing university programs and their student founders. You bring the student founders, and we provide access to startup mentors, prizes, and the tools for every student to go out and manage their raise.

  • The tour showcases different schools every month
  • Students pitch directly to early-stage VC's
  • $60,000 in prizes to the top founders at each school


Build Better Pitches with

Every student gets access to to help them build a beautiful startup pitch in minutes, and in the best format for investor review.

  • PitchPage Wizard guides students through their pitch
  • PitchPages are structured in the proper pitch format
  • Students keep their PitchPage to continue fundraising


Students get to pitch their startup to real early-stage VC's and win up to $60,000 in prizes!

Different month, different school

Every month we select a different school to showcase a new class of promising student founders.

How it Works

1: Student On-Boarding

Every student founder gets access to their own PitchPage account

2: PitchPage Creation

Students use to instantly build their investor pitch online

3: Event Promotion

Students get showcased on an event page to promote the competition

4: Competition

Top 5 startups get selected to pitch in front of VC's to win up to $60,000 in prizes

5: Investor Followup

Post-event, investors can easily access student PitchPages for due diligence and followup

6: Fundraising

Students can keep using their PitchPage even after the event to continue fundraising!

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