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What's a Data Room?

Your "Data Room" (or sometimes called Deal Room), is an easily accessible place on your PitchPage where investors can request access to or download important documents to assist with their due diligence.

Check out this example Data Room for Airbnb


What goes into a Data Room?

Technically you can put anything you want, but here are some examples of what Founders commonly share with their investors in their data room.

Extended Presentation

Do you have more details to share in your pitch, or already have a PDF presentation?

Financial Overview

Investors want to see where you are at financially, and what the future holds.

Patents / Other IP

Investors like things of value. If you have patents, or intellectual property, show them.

Research Studies

Have you performed any market research? Share the results by attaching your report.

Growth Projections

Show investors how many users/customers you'll acquire and how you'll acquire them.

Cap Table

Before investors invest, they'll want to know the capitalization structure of your startup.


Upload your investor docs directly onto your pitchpage


Protect your files with document privacy settings

This way you can collect investor contact information and track who requests access to your deal room.


Definitely recommend PitchPages to any founders looking to share their ideas, especially those who do not have access to graphic designers. We had a great experience using PitchPages for Simpl at the AWS US Startup Competition. Thank you PitchPages!

Kunal Gandhi

CEO at SimpL


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