PitchPages.io Beta FAQ

  • How do I get access to your private beta?

  • Can I create multiple pitch pages?

    Yes, once you set up your account, you will see that you are able to create multiple pitch pages. This works well for those who need to have multiple versions of the same pitch. It also works well for agencies that might be helping multiple clients with their fundraising. You can create multiple pitch pages directly from your account dashboard.

  • Is your beta accessible only from the USA?

    No, anyone in the world can join our beta. If you are having problems, simply use a placeholder US address and phone during the sign up process. You will be able to change this later.

  • How much does this cost?

    We are currently in Free Private Beta mode. This means our entire application is completely free. At some point we will add a paywall, but while we are in beta our services and our software will remain free.

  • How do I publish my pitch page?

    Any time you want to publish or re-publish your pitch page, you will need to do so from your pitch page dashboard. This is different from the page wizard. If you are in your page wizard, scroll back up to the top of the page and click to go to your dashboard. There you will see the button to either publish or re-publish your page. Please wait about 5 minutes once you click publish for changes to take effect.

  • Can an investor invest via my pitch page?

    No. PitchPages.io does not collect, manage, or facilitate any monetary transactions or investments. Any investments made by an investor into your startup will need to be handled offline.

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